Research interests

Multimedia Communications:

  • Application of Cognitive Analysis to Web Design: Can we design and adapt multimedia web pages suited to individual cognitive styles?
  • Expressive Communications: The detection of emotion from e-text, and display of emotive images. Applications include chat, stock markets, games, e-theatre.
  • e-business: Scalability of web servers: Does your web server perform and does it scale well with future expansion?

Wireless LAN Communications:

  • MAC level performance optimization of wireless protocols. The application of Markov chains in 802.11 in order to predict throughput and delay.
  • TCP/IP Performance of wireless LANs

Optical Communications:

  • Design of Optical Fibres and Optical Fibre Components: The modeling of optical fibres and components using equivalent circuits.
  • Inverse Scattering Techniques applied to Fibre Optics: Design of filters and components can be achieved in the time domain and/or the frequency domain using Inverse scattering and layer peeling techniques.

Optical Wireless Communications (Indoors and Outdoors):

  • Indoors: IrDA Protocol analysis and optimization: Examine the performance of Multi-Gbit/s short range wireless links.
  • Outdoors: Optical Access using optical wireless. Protocol performance for duplex and simplex operation.
  • Sensor Networks for Civilian and Military Applications.
  • The use of Map tools for Sensor Networks
  • The use of Map tools for Natural Disasters
  • Earthquake Prediction and Forecasting Techniques.
  • Sensor Network Protocols and Energy Efficiency