Sensor Networks

Wireless and Wired Sensor Networks

Work on optical fibre sensors has been ongoing in periods from the 1980s with pioneering work on remote optical fibre temperature sensing for example, and temperature sensing for transformers for high power electricity delivery, and distributed optical fibre sensing. Recent work on Sensor Networks has been activated mainly with our work on “System Developoment on Monitoring Slope Stability for the Prevention of Landslides and Training of Local Public Authorities in the Region of Peloponnisos”, where the use of Information Technology and Internet was complemented with work on sensor mapping. The end of this project had the resulting increased collaboration with the National Obsrevatory of Athens Institute of Geodynamics, with the help of whom we started a few projects on the use of Google Maps for Earthquake Research. This project together with other projects such as the development of map tools for earthquake detection and data processing, and Planetary Alignments for Earthquake Prediction has lead to an increased work on Earthquake Prediction and the Development of Map Tools and software for earthquake Research.

Our interest include:

  • Sensor Networks for Civilian and Military Applications.
  • The use of Map tools for Sensor Networks
  • The use of Map tools for Natural Disasters
  • Earthquake Prediction and Forecasting Techniques.
  • Sensor Network Protocols and Energy Efficiency.

Sample Publications:

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