Optical Wireless LANs

There is a significant need for indoor wireless connectivity of LAN type, to allow connectivity and resource sharing between a number of users/devices in a room. The optical wireless LAN is an alternative to LANs making use of RF. The project is focused to the study of the Advanced Infrared (AIr) IrDA protocol for indoor LAN connectivity. The AIr Medium Access protocol (AIr-MAC), the AIr Link Manager (AIr-LM) and the AIr Link Control (AIr-LC) aublayers were created by IrDA. The new AIr physical layer (AIr-PHY) utilises wide angle infrared ports capable of operating at angles of +-60 degrees, with 4PPM variable repetition (4PPM/VR) encoding format at 4 Mbit/s. The AIr protocol proposes a Go-back-N (GBN) automatic repeat request (ARQ) retransmission scheme at the LC layer with an optional stop and wait (SW) AIr-MAC sublayer.


1. To develop analytical and simulation models of the proposed protocol

2. To determine the performance of the protocols by adjusting the parameters of importance.

3. To find optimum coperating conditions

4. To compare simulation and analytical results

5. To suggest improvements to the protocol.

6. To compare it with IEEE 802.11 alternatives.