Expressive Communications


The ability to effectively communicate in real time over distance is important to people at a personal level, and in-groups.

The high entry cost and problems associated with the use of video as in interface has lead us to develop an alternative interfaces making use of image expressions.

‘Expressive Real Time Communications Interfaces’ are visual interfaces to an online communication system for effective real time collaboration over the internet, among a group of people, capable of invoking expressions conveying feelings, without making use of video.

The interface allows to view at a glance the participants in the system, and those pairs engaged in conversation, as well as the expressive image of the user engaged in the conversation. Expressions displayed may alter and controlled remotely by the prticipants.

Central to this project, apart from developing the technology supporting the communication, is the development of an “emotion detection engine” from text sentences typed by the users. The sentences are analysed and the emotive content detected and the appropriate expression displayed automatically as an image in the communicating window. The intensity and duration of the expression is also being calculated automatically.

The objectives of this work are as follows:

1. To measure the effectiveness of the existing expressive interface.

2. To adapt, further develop and test the interfaces for a specific applications such as in remote real time games, and measure its effectiveness.

3. To improve the ‘expression creation engine’ by studying the development of techniques for autonomous invocation encoding detecting, and displaying the expressions.

4. Test the effectiveness of the ’emotion detection engine’.

5. To study alternative solutions to the expression image database issue.